How to use Tornado Cash with TOR
On-chain confidentiality is ensured by the Tornado Cash tool.
However, before and after your transactions are executed, your privacy may not be ensured. That's why we advise you to use TOR when you use Tornado Cash.
Here is a quick and easy tutorial to ensure your anonymity.

Step #1 - Install TOR

Choose the appropriate operator system and click on Download.
Then, run it.

Step #2 - Configure TOR

First, search for about:config on your URL navigation bar.
Then, accept the caution message by clicking on Accept the Risk and Continue.
Search for wasm and turn javascript.options.wasm on true.
Search for indexedDB and turn dom.indexedDB.logging.details and dom.indexedDB.logging.enabled on true

Step #3 - Install Metamask

First, click on Install Metamask for Firefox.
Click on Add.
Allow to install an add-on by clicking on Continue to Installation.
Confirm that you allow this extention to run in Private Windows, then click on Okay.
Then, you can add Metamask to your toolbar, by doing a right click on it and dragging Metamask icon to your toolbar.

Step #4 - Enjoy your privacy

You can now use Tornado Cash Classic or Tornado Cash Nova with TOR.
Written by @bt11ba